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You want to be a Referee in NEU?

  • Certification Referees MUST be certified yearly. Sign up for a class. It is important to certify in one state or another. It is difficult to track refs who switch back and forth between states. If you have questions about which one...let us know, we can help.

Local Certifications:  Hudson on March 28th, Mahtomedi on March 21st others on the website below.

A significant portion of the referee certification is online. Once you complete your certification online training, you can sign up for the clinic. Don't delay as online completion deadline is 1 week prior to the clinic.

  • Concussion training - Officials are required to take the free CDC online training course Concussion Training for Coaches, Click here to take the training, which is located in the middle of the webpage and takes approximately 45 minutes) before they may coach or officiate for the first time starting with the 2011/2012 season and once every three years thereafter. The certificate of completion at the endof the training is proof the course has been taken. Parents and athletes may take the course for their own information.
  • Background check - Any referee, coach, manager turning 18 years old this year, or over 18 years old is required to have a background check.Go to and click on the “Client Log-in” tab found at the top right.

Enter user id: MYSREF and password: MYSREF and click on “Login.”

Click on the “Request” tab found at the top of the webpage.

Type full name into the “Electronic Signature” box and mark the box next to “My name entered above signifies my Electronic Signature” and click on “Continue” to proceed.

The following information is required to complete the background check: last name, first name, current address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, social security number and gender; then click on “Continue” to proceed.

Under “Criminal Court Searches” – click on “Add/Edit Jurisdictions.”

Under “Search Type” click on drop down box and click on “Felony and Misdemeanor,” under “State” click on drop down box and click on “MN,” under “County/Jurisdiction” click on county of residence (in alphabetical order).

Under “Search Type” click on drop down box and click on “Felony and Misdemeanor,” under “State” click on drop down box and click on “MN,” under “County/Jurisdiction” click on “Statewide” (located at the bottom of the selection list).

Click on “Add Searches to Order.”

Social Trace, National Sex Offender Database and USA Criminal Index are prefilled. Click on “Agree and Submit Order.”

Print receipt and log off.

Send a check for $15.00 made out to MYSA and mail to MYSA, 11577 Encore Circle, Minnetonka, MN 55343, Attn: Candace Daley.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact the NESA referee assigning group:.
Gene Warner
Laure Warner
Shelley Rice


Referees needed for Maplewood Rec Program

Maplewood Parks & Recreation is looking for some qualified officials for their youth soccer program. The Maplewood Park & Recreation Department’s Youth Fall Soccer Program is designed to provide youth of all skill levels with an opportunity to participate in organized recreational soccer.

All participants will have an equal opportunity to play. Girls and boys will play in separate leagues, except for the co-rec second grade league. The soccer season is scheduled to run from September to late October. Leagues will be for children K-8th grade.

The pay range for officials will be from:
$12.00 - $20.00 per Game DOQ

If interested please contact Jim Taylor at
651-249-2121 or by email at

Nutritional Advice for Soccer Players (and Referees!!!)

FIFA has put together a practical guide to eating and drinking
for health and performance of football (soccer) players (and referees).

It contains professional advise on nutrition a player should think about during pre-season, in-season, and out-of-season soccer training and/or games. You will also find specific information on amateur, female, young players, and referees.

Click here to access the Parent page and the downloadable article.

Have a question about the rules of the game...

Email "Lawman" to answer any questions you may have:
This email is for referees, parents, coaches, anyone that may have a question about the game of soccer.  Please make note, that all correspondence related to this website is for questions only, not complaints about referees.

Confused about the offside rule?