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Twin Cities Soccer League and US Club Soccer

North East United is proud to announce that it has applied for and has been accepted into the Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) for the Summer 2019 Season.  Select teams will transition from MYSA to the TCSL this summer and forward.


Clubs must play all home games in a 30-mile radius of the Minnesota United FC Stadium: 400 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL)

Founded in 2017, Twin Cities Soccer Leagues (TCSL) aims to provide the highest quality soccer league experience in Minnesota. Experience can be defined as:

  • Providing unparalleled customer service to its member clubs.
  • Providing a soccer environment that evolves the game.
  • Providing a technology and administrative platform that is seamless and easy to navigate.
  • Providing a structure where decisions are made quickly, eliminating red tape and rules for the sake of having rules.
  • Providing an environment where Directors of Coaching have an opportunity to correctly place their teams and players, in addition to having a voice to make the league better.

TCSL is built upon a core set of values:

  • Transparency. League decisions are made in an open, honest environment.
  • Competition. By providing multiple levels of play, teams and clubs have the opportunity to play against like competition, enhancing the player experience.
  • Sportsmanship. Poor sportsmanship will be dealt with, but more importantly, good sportsmanship will be recognized and recorded. (Read more about Sportsmanship, here.)
  • Limelight. Coaches, players and administrators deserve to be recognized.

TCSL, in partnership with its member clubs, aims to evolve the game.

US Club Soccer

TCSL is a US Club Soccer sanctioned league

US Club Soccer is a United States Soccer Federation member, and is an organization committed to the development and support of soccer clubs in the United States.


Among US Club Soccer’s guiding principles:

  • Clubs are the vehicle through which players are developed, and US Club Soccer should help facilitate club development throughout the country.
  • Clubs and their leadership should be the primary decision-makers in the structure and organization of soccer.
  • US Club Soccer should provide leadership and a vehicle for clubs and technical leaders to work together to elevate the game and player development environment.

Further, it is the US Club values that allows and facilitates TCSL’s mission to evolve the game.

TCSL’s desire to empower DOC’s to make decision on behalf of their players aligns with U.S. Club Soccer’s belief that “the key to player development is coaching development – better coaches develop better players, and better clubs develop better coaches.”

The culture of TCSL is aligned with US Club Soccer’s as well: “US Club Soccer will encourage collaboration and cooperation between clubs in developing programs and promoting the best interests of players and the game.”

For more information, visit the US Club Soccer website.

Competitive soccer for all levels of play

TCSL offers competitive soccer for all levels of play against similar sized and skilled clubs within the Twin Cities’ geography. Teams and clubs in TCSL have the option to select to play in the level that best suits them, with oversight via the Technical Advisory Panel.  TCSL works closely with clubs to ensure that teams are in the best possible level for development.

Each club is represented on the Technical Advisory Panel, a group of club personnel (most likely DOC). This panel is responsible for correctly placing teams in environments that are best suited to their individual teams in addition to participating in conversation and recommendation to evolve the League over time. Play levels are as follows.

Age Players Levels
9U & 10U 7v7 Three Levels (Red, White, Blue)
11U & 12U 9v9 Four Levels (National, Regional, State, Cities)
13U-19U 11v11 Four Levels (National, Regional, State, Cities)

During the team registration process, clubs will indicate the preferred level of play for each of their teams. All applications are subject to review by the Technical Advisory Panel.

There is no promotion or relegation in TCSL. Team placements are decided prior to each corresponding season.

TCSL expects good sportsmanship

As one of TCSL’s core set of values, “sportsmanship” on the part of coaches, parents, fans and players will be emphasized in each one of TCSL’s leagues and events.

Whatever role you are in, recognize that the game of soccer is full of emotions and that properly controlling these emotions is vital to ensuring a positive experience, which TCSL is committed to delivering. TCSL believes that soccer builds character; that adverse situations are likely to occur; and that without adults setting a positive example by respecting referees, coaches, opponents, and other fans, how can we expect players to follow? Each time you set a positive example, you make the game better.

Recognize that referees will make mistakes, each and every game. Most of them will be doing their very best performing a thankless task, and most will be young children under the age of 16. Please remember that the referee who just missed the throw-in at midfield or just called a penalty kick to decide the outcome of the match is a son or daughter, mother or father, or grandmother or grandfather. They are human beings who deserve respect and our patience as they too are learning, just like our players and coaches. Remember, without a referee, there is no game. TCSL will support our referees.

TCSL will solicit information from referees and clubs’ referee assignors, and not only will we collect data on teams or clubs that repeatedly present problems (and deal with the issues), we will encourage referees to report positive instances of sportsmanship as well. In addition, we welcome TCSL constituents (parents, coaches, club personnel, etc.) to report positive instances to the League, the data of which will be to positively reinforce these instances through league promotion and awards.

TCSL seeks to evolve the game. As such, we will deal with poor behavior and more importantly, reward those that respect the values of the league

TCSL Tournaments (CUPS)

Limited to TCSL clubs & teams. All players and staff must have US Club-soccer issued passes.

11U-19U Boys & Girls

  • 2 levels of play. Each bracket limited to eight (8) teams.
    • Super Group (top flight)
    • Premier (second flight)
  • 13U+ winners in both flights advance to US Club Soccer Midwest Regionals in Illinois. Entry fees funded by TCSL. More info is here.
  • Group play followed by championships to determine winners.

2 game minimum; 3 or 4 game maximum.

  • Full-length games.


  • $575


8U-10U Jamboree Format

  • 3 games, 2×20 minute halves
  • Girls & Boys: Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • Casperson Park
  • Medals for all!

11U-14U  Cup Format 

  • Sunday, July 22 & Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Format dependent on entries.
  • Steve Michaud ParkMcGuire Middle SchoolFoxborough Park **previously Cherry View**
  • 2 game minimum; 4 game maximum
  • Full-length games
  • Seeded brackets based on Summer league results
  • Cups & Medals for winners!


8U-10U Jamboree Format ($275)

  • 3 games, 2×20 minute halves (all completed in one day)
  • Boys: Saturday, 10/13
  • Girls: Sunday, 10/14
  • Medals for all!

11U-14U  Cup Format ($400)

  • 2 game minimum; 4-game maximum
  • Full-length games
  • Seeded brackets based on Autumn league results
  • Saturday & Sunday (Friday night may be used)
  • Cups & Medals for winners!